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the global leader in biomechanics for sports injury prevention and performance analysIs

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For over five years Motus has been developing the sports industry’s most comprehensive athletic-movement database and biomechanics physics engine.
Our world-class Lab is at the company's core, allowing us unparalleled access to both amateur and professional athletes.  Our unrivaled and ever-growing biomechanical database has provided a wealth of insight into how athletes use their bodies to create power, torque and speed. We have also gained great insight into how over-usage and/or mis-usage often lead to injury.  These insights have led to the creation of advanced biomechanical analyses that help athletes, their coaches and trainers prevent injury and improve performance.
Motus' expanding line of wearable technology makes our biomechanics services even more accessible and conveniently allows for biomechanics assessments when and where you want them.
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Team Members

Joe Nolan

Co-Founder & CEO

Keith Robinson

Co-Founder & President

Jason La Mendola

Co-founder & SVP Healthcare Solutions

Ben Hansen


Bryan Goelz

VP, Sales & Marketing

Carlo X. Alvarez

VP, Product Development

Ryan Holstad

VP, Application Development

Joe Fiore

VP & Creative Director

Travis Tubbs

Director,  Data Science

Brittany Dowling

Director, Research & Validation

Mike Cavasinni

Business & Product Manager, Baseball

Caitlin Owen

Business & Product Manager,

Workplace Safety & Healthcare

Tony Laughlin

General Manager, Biomechanics Lab

Mike Lambiaso

Grassroots Marketing Specialist

Thomas Aitala

Lead Application Developer

Dellin Betances


Fernando Mazzon

Web & Bluetooth Architect

Koby Close

Biomechanical Engineer

Board Members & Advisors

Andrew Russell
Board Member

John Rijo
Board Member

Glenn Fleisig, PHD
Board Member

Jeffrey Seltzer
Business Advisor

David W. Altchek, MD
Medical Advisor

Joshua S. Dines, MD
Medical Advisor

James M. Paci, MD
Medical Advisor

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