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Welcome to the Motus Biomechanics Lab

Motus specializes in 3D motion capture assessments for athletes of all ages and abilities.   Biomechanical calulations using data collected offer athletes, coaches, and trainers provides a valuable tool in understanding how movement impacts game performance - in the lab and on the field.



The M1: Mobility & Stability Assessment to all athletes. Motus compares the athlete’s motions to a database of previously tested athletes (aged 21 ± 4 years). Deviations from the Motus database are clearly identifiable with quantifiable data offering insight to coaches, trainers, and therapists to correct flaws in the athlete’s body.

  • The mobility portion of the evaluation is comprised of 14 joint range-of-motion tests and the stability portion consists of 7 dynamic tests.
  • Easily identify flaws or deviations from the norm.
  • Used to establish a baseline (prehab) and monitored throughout a season/career.
  • Great supplemental data to any vother Motus tests.


The M2:  Baseball Pitching Analysis is designed to compare a pitcher’s throwing mechanics to an elite database of  uninjured professional pitchers who throw fast.  Pitcher’s biomechanical strengths and weaknesses are addressed to increase performance, and insight is given on the pitcher’s risk for throwing arm injury.

  • Key frames include: Max Knee Height, Hand Separation, EE, Foot Contact, Max ER, BR, Max IR.
  • Full body metrics are calculated at each key frame.
  • Full kinetic chain analysis (with added focus on shoulder and elbow) to determine forces and torques.


The M3: Golf Swing Analysis captures every aspect of a golfer’s swing to identify flaws and inefficiencies in attempts to increase performance. Each aspect of the participant’s swing is compared to the swings of golfers in Motus’ elite database. Deviations from the norm are easily identified and analyzed to offer game changing insight.

  • Key frames are: Stance, Mid Backswing, Peak Backswing, Return Mid-Back Swing, Ball Contact, Follow Through.
  • In addition to full body metrics, the M3 computes golf club performance metrics (i.e. club speed, club plane, club face angle,  etc).
  • Kinetic chain and timing are used to offer further insight into swing.


The M4: Baseball Batting Analysis compares a player’s swing to Motus’ database of professional batters, including 2013 National League MVP Andrew McCutchen.  The report not only gives full body and bat kinematics but also “tips” that clearly outline potential flaws in a player’s swing in order to increase batting performance.

  • Hitters’ data is compared to that of elite hitters and hitters in his or her own age group.
  • Motus has an extensive database of tee work and live BP.
  • Key frames: Stance, Load, Foot Contact, Ball Contact, Extension, and Follow Through.
  • Bat performance metrics are also computed to include: Plane, Angle, Velocity, Time Through Zone, and Tempo.


The M6: Tennis Serve Analysis investigates the mechanics of a tennis player’s serve. Key frames are delineated and kinematics and kinetic metrics are extracted.

  • Data is collected during the athlete’s serve.
  • Forces in the shoulder and elbow are calculated during the serve and displayed.
  • Racquet performance measures are examined and include plane of serve, racquet angle, racquet velocity, and racquet angular velocity.



The M7: Lacrosse Shot Analysis evaluates a shooter’s whole body and stick mechanics throughout the entire shot.

  • Analysis based on three shots: Overhand, Sidearm, Underhand.
  • The shot is broken down into key frames.
  • Analysis addresses the differences in mechanics between the three shots, consistency of stick mechanics between shots of the same type, and the accuracy of the shots.


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