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First ever on-field multi-sensor training tool for measuring throwing and batting biomechanics

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The motusPRO Multi-sensor Training Tool tracks over 40 throwing and batting metrics, providing lab quality data capture, without the lab!

motusPRO delivers performance assessments allowing batters and pitchers to monitor mechanical trends throughout the season. For those rehabilitating throwing injuries, motusPRO objectively measures mechanics and provides useful feedback. This assists athletic training and medical staff in creating custom, return-to-play schedules and throwing programs.

Tracks Batting and Pitching...Gain Valuable Insight

Allows batters and pitchers to monitor mechanical trends and gain valuable insight

Five Time-Synced Sensors

The motusPRO uses five wireless, 6-axis motion sensors to provide greater body coverage

Desktop or Mobile Data Management Portal

Secure, web-based data platform for tracking, monitoring and plotting biomechanics data

5 motus Sensors + motus Clip Accessory

At the heart of the motusPRO training system is the motus sensor...five actually!  They're lightweight, small and packed with technology!

motus Compression Sleeve + Shirt

The motus compression sleeve and motus compression shirt each securely house two motus sensors. Both have been designed to withstand frequent use while maintaining  a comfortable secure fit.

motusPRO App

The motusPRO 3D motion sensor network transmits time-synced biomechanical data to the motusPRO App via Bluetooth. The motusPRO App is capable of displaying critical metrics to players and coaches in real-time. Data can be transferred from the app to a cloud account where it is accessible for comprehensive analysis via motusPRO Dashboard.

All-New motusPRO Dashboard

motusPRO Dashboard is a secure, propriety, web-based data

repository for teams to track and monitor biomechanics data, view metrics, plot trends, and gain valuable insights for all players actively using motusPro.

motusPRO is Currently Available Only to Professional Organizations

But fear not!  You'll soon be able to experience motusPRO at local pro-shops and training facilities.  A motusPRO professional-grade, 5-sensor analysis will have you training like a pro!

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