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wearable technology for QUARTERBACK throwing analysis

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motusQB™ is a quarterback specific app that works in conjunction with our 3D sensor and compression sleeve.  motusQB™ is designed to monitor Acute:Chronic Valgus workloads on a quarterback’s throwing arm.


Detailed metrics, and video/interactive tools allow players and coaches the ability to customize programs and train smarter than ever.

Introducing the motusQB™ App

available for iOS devices

Track Daily Throw Count

Monitor Acute:Chronic Valgus workload (stress on throwing arm)

View Metrics in Real Time

Keep close tabs on total and high effort throws

Compare your 7-day average of workload to your 28-day average of workload

Streams individual throw data for instant feedback

Interactive Data Trends

Video Analysis Tools

Offline Mode

Historical data is plotted out and presented visually

Allows capture of video along with sensor data - throws can be

viewed and compared in slow motion,

annotated, exported or shared

Collect and store throw data on your motus sensor, then sync to your iOS device after your workout or game

Metrics Tracked (units)

  • Total Throws (#)
  • High Effort Throws (#)
  • Elbow Distraction Force (N)
  • Elbow Valgus Torque (Nm)
  • Arm Speed (RPM)
  • Arm Slot (DEG)
  • Shoulder Rotation (DEG)
  • Fingertip Velocity (MPH)

Your throws may be high effort, tracking them shouldn't be

The motus sensor makes tracking throw workload a breeze!

At the heart of motusQB™ is the powerful Motus sensor.  It's small, light and has remarkable Bluetooth® range and battery life.

Our Proprietary motus Compression Sleeve for QBs

Built to house the motus Sensor

We designed the lightweight yet durable motus Compression Sleeve to safely house your motus Sensor and provide support to your throwing-arm.

Premium Elastic Top Band

Dual silicon beading ensures elastic band won't slip down your arm like other compression sleeves

Lightweight Yet Durable Construction

Constructed of polyester/elastine fabric with reinforced J-Panel construction and TPU welding

Redesigned Sensor Pocket

A perfect fit for your motus Sensor. Snug design prevents sensor from sliding thereby improving data accuracy

Easy Elbow Alignment

Simply align the target on your sleeve with your elbow, and you're good to go

What's Your Size?

The motus Compression Sleeve fits either left or right arm and is available in a multitude of youth and adult sizes

Get A Grip!

Multi-directional stretch fabric offers both mobility and support while wicking moisture away from throwing arm

Technical Specifications

Get the low-down on the motus sensor

Dimensions & Weight

length: 38 mm

width: 25 mm

height: 10 mm

weight: 6.9 g



3-axis accelerometer (+/- 24 g’s)

3-axis gyroscope (+/- 4000 dps)

sample rate: 1000 Hz



120 mAh Lithium Ion (lasts up to 8 hours)

microUSB rapid charge



Allows storage of 450 throws


Bluetooth (LE)


Device and OS Compatibility

iPhone 4s+

iPad 3+

iPad mini

iPad Air

iTouch 5+


motusQB app requires iOS 9.0


Android devices NOT supported


Meet motusDASH™!

Advanced analytics for advanced users

motusDASH™ is an advanced analytical platform that allows teams to find their own trends in the data, and is centralized around the concept of managing workloads on entire rosters

Total & High-Effort

  Throw Counts

Acute Workload

( 7-day averages )

Chronic Workload

( 28-day averages )

Longitudinal and

Daily Trends

Acute-to-Chronic workload

A closer look for advanced users

motusDASH™ provides advanced users the ability to take a closer look at player analytics and Acute-to-Chronic workloads.


Acute workload is a rolling 7-day average of workload. Chronic workload is a rolling 28-day average of workload. Together, they result in the Acute-to-Chronic value, which is today's ratio of acute workload to chronic workload. An Acute-to-Chronic value of 1.0 is indicative of consistent workload.

In the sample data above, ‘Player A’ has an acute-to-chronic value below 1.0. This indicates that the athlete has been under worked the last 7 days relative to the last 28 days.


‘Player A’ may be at increased risk of injury should he/she experience a sudden return to typical workloads.


’Player C’ has an acute-to-chronic value above 1.0 indicating that this athlete has been overworked over the last 7 days relative to the last 28 days.


‘Player C’ may be at increased risk of injury due to his/her sustained, high workload.

The motusQB™ sleeve gives us insight into throwing arm workloads like never before. We’re able to use the information gathered to train smarter and help keep our athletes healthy

Steve Walsh
Director, IMG Academy Coaches
Former NFL Quarterback

Wearable Sensor Technology Designed for Quarterbacks

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