Workload Management: What, Why, and How

New Rangers Coach Had Innovative Ideas At Tarleton State

Hot Stove: Biomechanics and Workload Scouting

A Changing Game Demands Changing Methods

Biomechanical Equivalence: Projecting batting statistics using biomechanics data

Biomechanical Equivalence: Projecting batting statistics using biomechanics data

At Motus, we specialize in biomechanical analysis and data science. Over the last decade, we have contracted our gold-standard motion capture lab services to capture swings and mobility exams on thousands of baseball players. While we use this data to help inform training decisions, we have stealthily contracted more prestigious services to professional organizations: player […]

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Tau and Omega: what the biomechanics industry has wrong

Episode 44 with Ryan Mossman

Episode 44 with Ryan Mossman

About This Episode We’re often asked about the practical uses of Motus products. Today, Will talks with Ryan Mossman of the summer league Charlotte TomSox. Mossman explains how he used Motus tools to reduce injuries and set pitching records over the summer. Will also looks in on what’s going on around sports on this episode […]

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Episode 43 with Dr. Joshua Dines of HSS

Study: As pitch count climbs, so do pitcher injuries

Episode 42 with Brittany Dowling, Director of Research for Motus

Episode 41 with Dave Feldman of

Episode 40 with Dr. Tommy John

Indy Style: From Concussions to Heat Illness, What Parents Need to Know About Sports Injuries

Checking In On the Mariners’ New Health and Wellness Program

Seattle Mariners Embrace Data, Tech like Rapsodo, K-Motion, Motus, TrackMan

Nolan Ryan’s 1974

Episode 39 with Jason Benetti and Dr. Meredith Wills

The Fan – Grady & Big Joe: Mike Chappell and Will Carroll react to Andrew Luck

MLB network – High Heat: Carroll on Ohtani’s UCL Injury

Who Broke Shohei Ohtani?

Episode 38 with Teddy Cahill and Bob Nightengale

Episode 37 with Marc Topkin of Tampa Bay Times

A Data Walk Off

A Data Walk Off

There’s nothing better than a walk-off home run, is there? Turns out there is. St. John’s of Washington DC didn’t just walk-off with a win; they walked off with a championship on Michael Campbell’s big fly. You might remember that SCHOOL was part of a big study completed last year, where Dr. Sameer Mehta tracked […]

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The Positional Unknown of Elbow Injuries

Episode 36 with Curt Schilling

Episode 36 with Curt Schilling

About This Episode No politics, just pitching as Curt Schilling joins Will to talk about the changes in style and strategy since he was an ace, as well as the kinetic chain, the need for anatomy in pitching, and more. Schilling’s now a radio host for Breitbart, but his knowledge and insight on modern pitching […]

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Dodgers’ Seager Learns The Hard Way That Tommy John Surgery Not Just For Pitchers

Soul & Science: Josh Rosen’s mechanics are as precise, consistent as they come

Soul and Science, Expanded

Soul & Science: Sam Darnold’s incredibly explosive release time

Episode 35 with Dr. Tim Gabbett in conversation with Ben Hansen

Soul & Science: Breaking down Luke Falk’s unique ‘rhythm’ as a passer

Soul & Science: Tracking Mason Rudolph, Kyle Allen’s NFL-caliber releases

Soul & Science: How fast can Josh Allen throw?

Why It’s Almost Impossible for Fastballs to Get Any Faster

Episode 34 – Jess Kleinschmidt of’s Cut4

Episode 33 with Levi Weaver of The Athletic DFW

Episode 32 – Bryan Conger, Tarleton State Coach

Biomechanics of Yoga and Baseball, Part One

Raise your analytics game with motusDASH

New season. New app. New arm.

New season. New app. New arm.

We’ve made some amazing advancements to our motusTHROW app. As existing users, we’re providing you with an exclusive at-a-glace overview of the new features to get you up and monitoring “readiness” in time for the new season.   READINESS: BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER Since we first launched motusTHROW in 2014, we’ve collected millions of throws from users, […]

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How Does Monitoring Workload Help Arm Health?

Episode 31 with Modius Health CEO

Episode 30 with Jeremy Booth, Program 15

How Pitchers Train Inside Motus Global’s Advanced Biomechanics Lab

Episode 29 with Roy Firestone

Bonus Episode with Alan Jaeger

Episode 28 with Alan Jaeger

Upcoming motusThrow Update Brings Big Changes Ahead of 2018 Season

Episode 27 with Matthew Repplinger of Pro Positive Yoga

Episode 26 with AlterG’s Barry Heyden

Blue Jays taking all they can from Pitch-A-Palooza conference

Who Says the Mets Don’t Have a Plan? It’s Called Mickey Callaway

Episode 25 with Dr. Phil Wagner, Sparta Science

Motus Global Brings Wearable Tech to the Arm Swing with motusVB

Episode 24 with NCAA’s Dr. John Parsons

Episode 23 with Ben Hansen, Motus CTO

Episode 22 with Motus’ Carlo Alvarez

Testing The Twist

Mickey Callaway aims to reduce Mets’ pitching injuries with analytics and research

Rethinking Feet

Rethinking Feet

I’ve had a pet theory for years that, as Mars Blackmon tried to tell us, it’s gotta be the shoes. There has been a significant uptick in foot and ankle injuries – especially complex injuries like Lisfranc and Jones fractures – over the last twenties years. I believe that a confluence of bigger/stronger/faster athletes and […]

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Episode 21 with Pocket Radar founders

Episode 20 with Dr. Fergus Connelly

Surgery: What To Do When Things Go Wrong

The Origins of Velocity, Part I

Episode 19 with Kristen Holmes-Winn, Whoop

Recharging the Pitching Schedule

New training tool helps Purdue QBs track throws, prevent injuries

New training tool helps Purdue QBs track throws, prevent injuries

Arm sleeves may seem like an accessory these days, something to boost a football player’s swag more than anything. But some actually serve a bigger purpose. Especially the ones Purdue quarterbacks have been wearing during practices this season. Domenic Reno made sure of that. Stacey Clardie – Staff For full article:

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Readiness or Roles?

Compression Sleeve

Pitching Arm Care

Pitching Arm Care

Pitching arm care is recommended for most athletes. There’s no question that pitching injuries are up. From the major leagues to the little leagues, far too many pitchers are coming off the mound and into the waiting room due to overuse, poor mechanics, and a real lack of basic pitching arm care. This could be […]

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Episode 18 with Phil White

Episode 17 with Joe Lemire

Pitch Count

Pitch Count

Of all the stats that came out of the sabermetric revolution of the 2000’s, it’s a bit surprising that the one that shows up in nearly every broadcast is one that really has nothing to do with advanced analytics. Instead, it’s pitch count that is ubiquitous, ticking up with an on-screen counter, right there by […]

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Episode 16 with Dr. Michael Banffy

Arm Soreness

Episode 15 with Fergus Connolly

What’s Up Those Baseball Sleeves? Lots Of Data, And Privacy Concerns

What’s Up Those Baseball Sleeves? Lots Of Data, And Privacy Concerns

In a stats-driven sport like baseball, it seems we know everything there is to know about a player. From batting average to a pitcher’s power finesse ratio. Measuring a player’s ability isn’t limited to his or her skill. There’s also a wealth of information in an athlete’s body. Wearables that track bio-information have become more […]

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Motus Seeks To Protect Pitchers From Majors To Little League

Episode 14 with Dr. Sam Browd

Episode 13 with Eric Cressey

Wearable technology could be helping Lions collect valuable data on their QBs

Wearable technology could be helping Lions collect valuable data on their QBs

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — During the Nittany Lions’ first day of camp, Trace McSorley went through the standard quarterback warmup, tossing footballs back and forth to the Lions’ backups from his knees. Offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead kept a watchful eye on his quarterbacks as they progressed to taking snaps and rolling out, but with each […]

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Throwing Biomechanics

Episode 12: Concussions with Dr. Vernon Williams

Motus Global Hires “The Injury Expert” Will Carroll as Media Relations Director

Motus Global Hires “The Injury Expert” Will Carroll as Media Relations Director

Sports and injury reporter comes on board to lead internal media efforts for the biomechanics company Rockville Centre, NY — August 8, 2017 — Will Carroll, a renowned expert throughout sports media and an injury reporter for 18 years, has officially joined Motus Global, the world leader in advanced biomechanical analysis, as the Media Relations […]

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The Special Sleeve Penn State’s Quarterbacks Wear To Practice

The Special Sleeve Penn State’s Quarterbacks Wear To Practice

You may have noticed Penn State’s quarterbacks wearing a special sleeve on their throwing elbow as preseason camp got underway this week. No, it’s not one of Nike’s popular padded sleeves Trace McSorley sported against Indiana and Rutgers last fall. It’s a technology called motusQB, which tracks various throwing metrics in real time through an […]

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Episode 11 with Dr. Bert Mandelbaum

Episode 10 with MLB Network’s Brian Kenny

Episode 9 with Sports Dietitian Anna Turner

Injury Prevention

Episode 8: Quarterbacks with Bleacher Report’s Lars Anderson

Developing technology aimed at cutting UCL injuries, Tommy John Surgeries

Episode 7 with Reply All host PJ Vogt

The Tech In Your Sports: How The IoT Helps Heal Injured Athletes

Episode 6 with Mike Reinold

Episode 5 with Sports Illustrated’s Joe Sheehan

Episode 4 with Motus Lab manager Tony Laughlin