How Pitchers Train Inside Motus Global’s Advanced Biomechanics Lab

Sharing space with a physical therapy center is an open-plan fitness center as big as an airplane hangar and brimming with activity. While a rehabbing NFL player did deadlifts in the center of the facility, off to the corner stood a former minor league pitcher toeing the rubber of a high-density foam, turf-covered mound as part of Motus Global’s advanced biomechanics lab.

Affixed to Matt Soren’s 6-foot-5 frame are 54 motion-capture markers and six Motus sensors tracking his movement under 16 Raptor-E cameras. Soren, a righty who pitched a year in the Philadelphia Phillies organization before playing for a few independent league clubs, threw 20 pitches — 10 fastballs, five sliders, five changeups — and then went through the paces of a standard mobility assessment, a more comprehensive evaluation than is possible from just the sleeve wearable for which Motus is best known.


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