motusBASEBALL™ tracks throwing arm workload to help athletes improve readiness and optimize performance. If you haven’t trained and safely built up your tolerance to heavy workload, then you will not be ready to perform your best, and more importantly, could wind up with a serious arm injury.

Charge up and slide the lightweight sensor into the compression sleeve and start throwing. The sensor collects biomechanics data with every throw and the all-new motusTHROW™ iOS app provides clear, actionable feedback for parents, amateurs, and pros alike.

Workload calculations are based on many factors, but mostly on the highly researched concept of Acute-to-Chronic Ratio. Let motusTHROW™ guide you through the process of increasing your workload at a safe rate to improve performance and avoid injury. Whether you’re building for opening day or designing your pitch, you need to protect your arm with motusTHROW™!

The motusTHROW™ app is simple enough for beginners yet robust enough for professional teams and organizations when paired with motusDASH™, motus’ online analytics dashboard. Track players, teams, or entire organizations easily with the ability to monitor workload, flag potential issues and drill down into daily trends.

Beginners will love motusTHROW’s improved ease of use. Simple to understand numbers, explanations, and summaries bring player data to life.

For those needing help improving readiness and performance, motusTHROW™ now provides personalized training programs. Athletes are guided through a carefully crafted training process to increase sustainable workload amounts while improving overall performance and reducing risk of injury.

Our advanced users, trainers and facilities still get direct access to high level, detailed data. Various features like Live Throw, Interactive Bullpen, Long Toss, and Video Modes provide real time metrics and feedback.

motusTHROW™ makes the perfect workload-tracking companion for those currently following a throwing rehab program. Monitoring arm stress plays a vital role in restoring performance and confidence.

motusTHROW™ was the first wearable technology approved for in-game use by Major League Baseball and is currently a key part of pitching programs across MLB, NCAA, and elite travel organizations.

Monitor Workload / UCL Stress

Protect your arm from injury – torque on the ulnar collateral ligament is measured with every throw

Readiness is Key

Ramp up your arm to get ready for opening day and keep it in the safe zone all season long for maximum effectiveness

Personalized Training

Powerful machine learning personalizes your training towards safely sustaining higher workloads


Take a deeper dive into player data with our online analytics dashboard (subscription required) – monitor a player, team, or an entire organization! 

All Your Fav Features

All the tools you have come to love are available…Live Throws, Bullpen, Long Toss and Video Modes


The best pitching sensor also gives you the best hitting data. Download the motusBATTING™ app, clip on your sensor, and discover your bat speed, attack angle and more!