Name of the Pirates’ game: recovery and recuperation

John Jaso needs more wheatgrass. Pirates official chef Tony Palatucci has four trays going, but it’s not enough.

“You need, like, a lot of wheatgrass to just get an ounce and a half shot,” Jaso said. “You need like a full tray, a one-foot-by-three-foot tray.”

In the increasingly individualized realm of fitness, nutrition and general well-being, wheatgrass, a nutrient-packed plant often converted into a drink, is part of Jaso’s regimen. Every player handles their well-being differently. The common theme with the Pirates: recovery.

BILL BRINK – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
For full article: http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/pirates/2017/04/02/pirates-recovery-omegawave-motus-zephyr-bioharness-whoop-strap/stories/201704020184?pgpageversion=pgevoke

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