Introducing motusONE™ — wearable, clinical-grade movement assessment platform for physical therapy, workplace, and sports performance. motusONE™ uses a wireless multi-sensor network connected via Bluetooth to an iOS device, giving the freedom to perform assessments anywhere — in a clinic, on the field, or even at your workplace.

Objective, clinical-grade assessments serve to reduce injury risk, improve workplace safety, and analyze the readiness of your roster. Whether it’s a game day or a work day, motusONE™ will get your team ready to succeed!

Motus’ software analytics platform, lab-accurate biomechanics sensors, and smart apparel bring new insights into performance, prevention, rehabilitation, and readiness.

Power peak performance and smart rehabilitations with motusONE™.

Physical Therapy

Monitor clients throughout rehabilitation process – See and measure progress objectively


Screen and monitor workers to reduce risk – Improve the readiness of your workforce


Baseline, performance tracking and return-to-competition assessments

Objective Assessments

Eliminate guessing and interpretation errors – Directly compare users over time, users to norm, and do it with clinical-grade data

Perform Assessments Anywhere

In minutes, an assessment can be performed – In the workplace , in the clinic, or on the sidelines.