motusVB™, is wearable technology for volleyball performance analysis and workload management. Volleyball coaches, trainers, and players now have the ability to gain insight into a player’s game like never before. The system harnesses the power of the same Motus biomechanical sensors that have been used in the MLB, NFL, and NCAA.

Coaches, trainers and players receive instantaneous metrics including jump height, spike speed, and more. motusVB™ uses two small sensors to give a wealth of usable, actionable data in real time.

motusVB™ users can also subscribe to motusDASH™, an advanced workload analytics toolkit.

*Shipping Early Spring 2018 – subject to change.

Measure and Track
Jump Height

Track and gauge progress in developing your vertical leap – Higher leaps afford increased downward trajectory and increased ability to block shots.

Measure and Track Serve /
Spike Speed

Track the speed of your serves and spikes to gain insight into the effectiveness of your timing and technique – you’ll need patience, perseverance and accurate data to master it!

Monitor your Spike /
Serve Count

motusVB™ tracks the number of spikes and or serves you make – automatically!

Monitor your Total Jump Count

Effortlessly track the number of jumps you make.

DuoSensor Technology

motusVB™ uses two small sensors to provide a wealth of usable, actionable data in real time.