Most current on-field methods of assessing motor control are performed visually, and are scored in a subjective manner. Unlike many other current systems, motusCONCUSSION™ is an objective, portable and affordable means of detecting readiness through balance and motor control assessments. The system can fit in a pocket and be deployed on the sidelines, the locker room, or anywhere that an assessment is needed.

motusCONCUSSION™ is comprised of a headband and chest strap with removable biomechanics sensors used to conduct on-field clinical exams consisting of four balance exams and six cervical mobility exams. motusCONCUSSION™ collects and analyzes data quickly and indicates whether a player needs further expert assessment or whether that player can be put on a return-to-play track.

motusCONCUSSION is currently in late stages of development.

Four Balance Exams

Twenty Seconds (eyes closed) Balance Exams (Feet Together, Feet Tandem, Single Leg (Right), Single Leg (Left)

Six Cervical Mobility Exams

Max Range of Motion of the cervical spine is gathered: Extension, Flexion, Lateral Flexion (Right), Lateral Flexion (Left), Rotation (Right), Rotation (Left)

Objective Assessment

Say goodbye to visual based subjective assessments — use machine intelligence to map biomechanics measures to readiness

Detect Readiness

Balance and Motor Control Assessments combined into data-driven on-field exam to detect concussions

Gather Baselines

Conduct and store baselines for athletes useful in optimizing concussion detection determining return-to-competition

Easily Administered

Exams designed to be easily administered by certified athletic trainers