motusDASH™ is an at-a-glance management system for coaches and athletic staff that collects all the information of all of your athletes. Right in your browser – desktop or mobile – you’ll be able to quickly see what athletes are on track and which are outside the norms. It helps coaches focus in, using their time effectively, by guiding them to the athletes that need your guidance most.

The data goes deep as well. While the quick look of motusDASH is valuable, all the data you need is a few clicks away. Powered by Motus’ best-in-class cloud management and machine learning, motusDASH is a powerful tool that doesn’t require a degree in computer science. Let motusDASH power your athletes, putting the data revolution at your fingertips.

Deep Dive

Player biomechanics data and advanced analytics are just a click away

Roster Alerts

Monitor rosters and be alerted to players with data outside the norms

Machine Learning

Machine learning calculates readiness, workload, and prepares your players according to their individual schedule

Desktop or Mobile

Work where you want to work — motusDASH™ works on your phone or desktop browser