Raise your analytics game with motusDASH


For our clients who use motusDASH, you’ve seen a lot of updates over the winter. Here’s a brief summary of the current features of motusDASH, just in case you’ve missed it. 

First, the homepage of the dashboards quickly diagnose each player with their AC Ratio and Chronic Workload status. If someone is in a dangerous zone, we color code each player’s metrics accordingly. In the right panel of the home page, we also provide up to 30 days of predicted AC Ratios and Chronic Workloads given the assumption of users following our recommended throw counts. You can change the practice and game schedule in the “Settings” page and we will re-solve the predicted workloads. 

Next, in Long Term Trends, we’ve amped up our data tools to visualize your entire roster’s data in one view. Clicking on an Athlete’s row will expand their data to see daily or weekly averages of that metric. We’ve also added the ability to select up to two metrics at a time, in either bar chart or line chart formatting. All metrics are color coded to normative ranges in our database, to help highlight change in a measure over time. 

Also in Long Term Trends, is the Throw-by-Throw analysis feature (previously in the mobile app). Coming soon, you will be able to select batches of throws and change the tag of that batch. If it’s a weighted ball change, we’ll even re-calculate the physics to update the Torque measurement. 

Lastly (for you data taggers), the Box Score Tag Analysis tab is available, to allow you to view metric averages by tag and sub-tag. Be sure to hover over a cell to see the sub-tag averages (most people don’t know that feature is there). 

Looking for more features, or have more questions? Email us at info@motusglobal.com and we’d be happy to chat with you and get your ideas in our development queue. 


All of them of course!


It’s totally up to you. Some users and organizations love to use the raw throw data and tagging features. If that’s you, enable the “Advanced Mode”, and subscribe to motusDASH™. For those looking for actionable insights into personalized training, the base app is all we believe you need. We’ve worked hard to bring you the best workload measures there are. We hope you get the chance to utilize them this season, and keep your arm(s) as healthy as possible!



To access the latest motusTHROW™ update, go to the Apple “App Store” and search for motusTHROW™ or click here.


To access motusDASH™, visit https://motusthrow.motusdash.com and login with your motusTHROW™ credentials. Click on your the desired account to subscribe, and select the “Monthly” or “Annual” subscription option.

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