Developing technology aimed at cutting UCL injuries, Tommy John Surgeries

For the last several years, MLB and the sport of baseball in general has been hit with an epidemic — UCL injuries and Tommy John Surgery. While the success rates for the surgery are high, the surgery keeps pitchers (the majority of the patients) out of action for more than a year.

The team at Motus Global has developed a UCL workload monitor motusTHROW, which is legal for game use and has been used by New York Yankees All-Star Dellin Betances. It’s a sensor that tracks all throws made by a player (not just in game pitch counts) and tests the stress being put on the UCL.

by Michael Dixon – Sportsnaut
For full article: http://sportsnaut.com/2017/07/developing-technology-aimed-at-cutting-ucl-injuries-tommy-john-surgeries/

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