MotusQB wants to help quarterbacks raise their throwing game

Meet the wearable for aspiring Cam Newtons and Tom Bradys
MotusQB is a smart sleeve for quarterbacks

Biomechanical data analysts turned wearable tech makers Motus Global has officially unveiled the motusQB, a smart compression sleeve that aims to prevent quarterbacks picking up injuries on the football field.

Following the launch of its smart sleeve and Pro full body sensor setup for baseball players and coaches, the football-centric QB packs in similar 3D sensors including gyroscopes and accelerometers, which are embedded into the arm sleeve or an arm band and is worn throughout throwing activity.

By Michael Sawh – Wareable

For full article: https://www.wareable.com/sport/motusqb-wants-to-help-quarterbacks-raise-their-throwing-game-3599

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